Thursday, March 20, 2003

Once a News Reporter.. Always a News Reporter

I have this bizarre curiousness about stuff. Some of it's connected to current events, some of it is related to random information. I've lived in Jamestown for nearly 4 years, but I still read the on-line version of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle everyday. I also catch up on the Irondequoit Post when I can. I also have a habit of Google-ing everything and everything. Wondering what happened to that friend from college? Google. Can't remember that song or the band? Google. Wondering if your best friend can be tied to any websites? Google. Call it boredom, innate curiosity, or stalker-like, but that's me. It also goes along with this crazy memory of mine. I'll forget short terms things that I just heard, but I'll remember details from two days ago to 20-some years ago. My earliest memory is of my mom and me looking under my crib for my binky (pacifier) and being horrified that it was lost. Turns out she had thrown it away, but I didn't know that at the time. I think my memory-recall and general curiosity tends to freak out people occasionally, or just make them think I need to get a life. It was handy when I was in news.

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