Monday, March 24, 2003

The Makings of a Potential Sci-Fi Geek

I had so much potential to become a sci-fi geek when I was a kid. Example: I was so obsessed with The Tomorrow People that I refused to sign up for a swimming club as a kid because the group met at the same time as The Tomorrow People (6pm on Nickleodeon). Naturally I was into the 1970s version. I heard about a new version of the show being made in the 1990's, but never saw it. I also had this thing for Dr. Who but darnit if I can't remember much else other than his scarf and the thing that looked like an old-fashioned elevator (the Tartis I believe). Many years later I finally devoured all of Douglas Adams' books in the Hitchhiker series along with the Dirk Gently books. I have a few friends that are surprised that I never got into Star Trek. Tough breaks I guess.

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