Wednesday, August 21, 2002

A Nice Sing-A-Long

I have a somewhat daily ritual of singing along to whatever is on the radio, in the tape player, or in the cd player on my way to work. It started when I worked the dayshift at the radio station. I was hanging out with some friends and staying up way too late (sometimes 3 AM), so when the time came to get into work by 9 AM, I was dragging. Getting four hours of sleep isn't really good on the voice, especially if this is a reoccurring thing. My way of "waking up" my voice was to sing along with anything that was on the radio including speaking out loud. I usually practiced my intros and outros to the news when I was speaking out loud "I'm Julia *****, WJTN news. It's (temperature) degrees and (weather descriptor) outside. The complete weather forecast follows the news. The news is brought to you by (fill in sponsor)." I don't know if it really helped, but at least I didn't completely like a frog when I did get on the air for the first time that day.

The whole thought of this crossed my mind as I sang along with "Charm Attack" by Leona Naess while driving down Route 430. Without consciously thinking about it (until the memory popped up), I was trying to match tones, blend vocals, get the right articulation and energy of the song. Always practicing I guess.

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