Thursday, August 22, 2002

Vacation Time

I will be leaving the rural county of Chautauqua tomorrow afternoon for the more metropolitan county of Monroe. I'll be there for a week and a few days. Phew. That means I'll try to update my blog when I can, and it could go several ways on that:
1. It gets updated every day because I can
2. It gets updated once when I have a moment between pricing items for my family's garage sale
3. I say "Hey, I'm on Vacation. Screw Blogging!"

The suspense grows! Tune in daily to find out what Julia will do!!

I'm so kidding.

How To Succeed In Print Media In a 24/7 News World

The newspapers around here suck. Seriously. And one of their biggest gripes is getting press releases in the middle of the day or having a press conference scheduled to make a major announcement. They get mad because they only print one edition of the paper and if something happens at any time that's not convenient for them to get it into print, they get scooped by everyone. I have an easy solution to fix this rant of theirs. Use Your Friggin' Website!!! The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle does an excellent job of this. I can look at their website throughout the day and still be up to date on the latest news happening in that area. That's just the opposite of what most newspaper websites are like. The majority will just put up the stories that appeared in the morning paper and then not update the site until the next day. Stupid I say. Why bother having a website at all if you're not going to use it to its full capacity. I have a lot more respect for the D&C since they got a clue and essentially went 24-hours with their news coverage via the website.

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