Monday, August 19, 2002

Good Weekend Featuring Irritability

It was a decent weekend aside from being a little irritable and having to work Saturday morning. Matt and I hung out with some friends in the area, stayed up way too late, and despite the fun times actually got some housework done. Saturday morning was the Counter-Terrorism Drill at SUNY Fredonia. I didn't like having to get up early, but the event itself wasn't bad. My role was assistant information officer and all I had to do was make sure the media stayed behind the yellow tape, videotape the event, and then make some phone calls after the event to see if any other media outlets were going to stop by to get sound. The drill itself went well. It was weird to watch kids walking out of a dorm area coughing and some with "injuries." It seemed pretty realistic only because the make-up job was awesome. The main lesson learned from the event was that a unified communications system will definitely help if we were to have an actual terrorist attack of some sort (or major catastrophe).

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