Friday, December 07, 2001

The World of Pro-Sports

I’ve never been to a professional sport event. This means I’ve never seen the Buffalo Bills play at Rich (excuse me) Ralph Wilson Stadium, nor the Sabres at the Aud or the HSBC Arena, nor the Cav’s when I was in Cleveland, etc. I had the chance to see a Bills game on Sunday, Dec. 16th. Matt apparently was able to score 2 tickets from someone at work. I told him to take someone else. The weather may have been quite nice this past week, but I’m no fool! There’s no way in hell someone is going to make me sit on some cold, metal bleacher in the cold to watch a sport I could care less about and a team that is performing dismally this season. Now, if it had been a Sabres game it would have been different. Oh well.

The Glorious World of Instant Messengers

I chatted last night with a friend I haven’t spoke to/seen since 1994 when she went off to college. It was funny cause we just chatted like I hadn’t talked to her in a few months. She was always cool like that. Although, both our lives are somewhat radically different than where we imagined they would be (I imagine at least). I’m glad she’s doing well though.

Holiday Music

While I was growing up, the house would be filled with all sorts of Christmas music around this time of year. One of my mom’s favourite albums was by Bony M (I think). This was a Spanish group I think and it’s the first place I heard “Feliz Navidad.” Now, when I hear certain songs with the same Spanish flavour, I think of Christmas. Example: I heard “The Tide is High” by Blondie this afternoon and immediately envisioned a decorated tree and snow-covered lawns. Bizarre stuff.

I would really love a copy of the Polish Christmas carols my mom has. I liked to listen to that tape even when it wasn’t the holidays. Don’t ask me for a translation though!

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