Thursday, December 06, 2001

Gray Day

The warm winter (ok, it’s still Autumn) weather prompted me to dig out my Ben Folds Five Album The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner. It’s a fairly depressing album to say the least, but musically it’s excellent. I bought it during one of those transition moments in my life and naturally associate half the songs on the album with that period (and person as it may be). One lyric from the song “Mess” has been stuck in my head all day, “Well I don’t believe in God so I can’t be saved.” I won’t get into my religious ramblings again. Those can be accessed in my archives somewhere. I’m feeling too apathetic to go find them and provide a link for you at the moment. Sorry.

Manager’s Lunch

I went to my first Manager Association’s events today. It was the annual holiday luncheon. You could say I forget I’m a manager at times. It’s all these years of being just the regular employee I guess. Plus, I never really picked myself out as being manager material. Most of that is related to my experiences as Program Director at WBNY. It was really my first managerial position (even though it was college) and since I never really had any managers who were good role models, I didn’t do that great of a job. I discovered a lot of what my mistakes were (or how I could have handled things better) after I started this job and started my comprehensive performance partnership training (I know, I know.. big plug for work). I still bumble a bit around here and feel out of place at times, but it’s going ok. Plus the cornbread at the luncheon was pretty damn good!

Santa Claus Parade

I’m not sure if that’s what it’s still called, but regardless of name that’s what’s happening tomorrow night in Jamestown. I’m pretty psyched about it since last year there were thousands of people that came out to see it in the mind-numbing cold. The fact anyone came out was a near miracle for Jamestown. There’s going to be a fair number of floats this year, but I plan on being a by-stander for once. Plus, the weather will be nice and won’t require wearing umpteen layers of clothing like last year. After the parade ends, the city Christmas tree lights will be turned on by setting off fireworks. Pretty nifty stuff. I think after all that’s been going on, people will be looking for something to get them truly into the holiday spirit.

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