Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Santa Claus Parade

This is a bit late but I realized I forgot to mention anything about last Friday night. S'ok though. The parade was very long. I think it started at 6:40pm (I should know.. I walked in it and was almost at the front) and ended just before 9pm. There were some really cool floats though. This year's theme was "Let Freedom Ring" so a lot of cars/floats had red, white and blue lights or flags. That infamous Lee Green (or whatever his name is) song "Proud to Be an American" was blaring from several floats. Now, I know lots of people love that song, but I'm sorry.. it just reminds me of cheesy laser shows at High Falls in Rochester. Plus, it's country. Enough said.

The tree lighting went almost without a hitch, which is very good since pyrotechnics were used for part of it. The Mayor's microphone kept cutting out, so most of it was lost on the crowd. When the pyro stuff did go off, the birds in tree went flying (in a normal way but surprised way). We had to wait around a bit for the fireworks to go off on top of the parking ramp but that was ok too. Tons of people were downtown. *grins* And it wasn't as cold as last year thank god. Afterwards, Matt and I went to Tommy's Place aka another bar in Jamestown and hung out with the James Broadcasting crew, had a free drink on them (figured we worked there long enough to earn that!), and got caught up with some friends of ours. Good times.

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