Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Lunch Time Visit

I always love those unexpected visits from friends at work. Matt stopped by during my lunch and hung out for a little bit. I have a rash of meetings tonight, so I normally wouldn’t see him until later this evening. It’s the little things…

A Plagiarization of Meg

Alright, it’s not because I’m greedy or anything but I love Meg’s idea of creating a wish list. So hop on over to to take a gander at mine. It’s in its early stages, so not everything I desire is actually on there. And like Meg, I use it more to remind me of what I would like to buy some day. You know how it is. There’s that thing you really like but you always forget that you want it when you go out shopping or whatever. Something like that. I used to carry around scraps of paper that I scrawled a list of CDs I wanted on so I wouldn’t wander around music stores for too long. Now I just wander and wonder what the hell I could use another CD for.

Keeping Up with the Martinez’s

Matt and I are getting “harassed” a little about not having any holiday decorations up on the outside of the house. Our neighbor, Sally, has several kinds of lights out, but I’m convinced we don’t have an electrical outlet outside. She volunteered her grandson (or son?) to come over and install an outlet for us. I might take her up on that offer if it means getting Matt off my back about outdoor lights. I do have a real wreath to put up somewhere once I find an over-the-door hanger or a nail I can stick the wreath over.

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