Monday, December 10, 2001

Restless Sleep

I slept for at least a good 6 ½ hours last night if not longer. I woke up feeling tired and emotionally drained though. It’s that kind of drained that usually happens after someone dies or something bad happens. You wake up, feel kind of off but don’t know why, then you remember and the world feels like hell. In today’s case, there was no reason for the feeling. I think my hormones are just going overboard this month and I did have some uneasy dreams. Nothing in particular that I can remember, but nothing fun. It probably didn’t help that I caught some of Hilary and Jackie on Bravo last night. What a sad movie. I bawled at the end, prompting Matt to say “What’s making you upset? The movie couldn’t have made you that upset. What’s wrong?” I don’t think he believed me about the P.M.S. part, but since he’s a guy I don’t always expect him to understand. *grins*

Holiday Update

The Christmas tree is up with all its ornaments. I have to giggle a little when I look at the tree. The Winnie-The-Pooh ornaments far outweigh any other type on the tree. It still looks nice though and there’s a few ornaments from my childhood that make me smile. I also put all my Hallmark houses on the ledge above the large dining room window. They look like they belong there, but I’m eventually going to have to figure out a different place for them. Mainly because I’ll run out of ledge space in a few years and I need a lower display area so people can look at the details inside the house. You can only see the front right now. Next on my list is buying the ingredients for fudge and peanut brittle. I think I’ll do that tonight since I’ll have to make all my batches this weekend (looks like at least 7 batches of peanut brittle and 4 or 5 batches of fudge).

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