Wednesday, December 19, 2001

The Last Thing Jamestown Needs

The city of Jamestown is not having an easy go at “life” lately. This week’s announcement by Lucille Ball’s kids that they were withdrawing support for the Arts Council is pretty devastating to the Lucy-Desi Museum. From what I understand, this means the museum, gift shop, and festivals surrounding Lucille Ball (and company) that fall under the Arts Council will no longer exist. Well, cannot due to the Arnaz family’s statement. Sorry I’m not being too specific as I cannot find the longer article about all of this. The Arnaz family does want to start up their own museum in the city dedicated to Lucy and Desi Arnaz. Well, it’s getting pretty messy and nothing really good can come out of this at the moment. Just disheartening when you think how successful the Lucy Festivals have become along with the museum. All gone, *poof* when the Museum Director (Ric Wyman) is forced to resign when he doesn’t take another position on the Arts Council. I’m still not sure how I think this all should have been worked out. Ok, now I’ve got that local stuff out of my system…

Good Book

Do you find yourself, when reading a good book, sneaking it in places you shouldn’t be? Like covertly reading the book just below the desk top so that people think you’re actually reading something on your desk? Or, in my case, facing the computer with the book just by the keyboard so you can drop the book in your lap, slide up your chair, and start typing away when someone (your boss) walks by? I’m sooo guilty of doing this. And the particular book I’m reading today (O Gentle Death by Janet Neel) is not even that well written. I only say that because I’m having a damn hard time keeping each character straight, who he/she is married to or used to be married to, and flipping in between totally different scenes. It also took half the book for the person you know who’s going to get murdered (from reading the narrative on the front flap) to be drowned. Certainly, half the narrative that I’ve already read could have been axed, saved some trees, and the story made a damn bit clearer by what’s happened since the night of the murder. I’m getting carried away I think.

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