Wednesday, December 05, 2001

Fill'er Up!

I saw a sort of bizarre sight yesterday when I stopped to get my morning papers at the gas station near work. An Amish man was leaning against the mini-mart building like he was trying out for a part to play Silent Bob in the next Kevin Smith movie. At the gas pump, a horse and buggy was parked. I grinned and assumed the driver was the lounging man, but then I saw another Amish fellow filling up something in the buggy with gas. It was just a funny picture if you looked quick. It looked like the Amish guy was gassing up the buggy! Naturally, he probably was filling a gas can so he could run some sort of equipment back at the farm. Apparently, the Amish can use modern appliances if they can get them to run on gas (not electricity). And, there have been some pretty clever adaptations like turning an electric washing machine into a gas-run version. That's using your noggin' in the name of the Lord! The Amish are a pretty interesting religious group.

Spring is Here! Or Maybe it's a Fluke

It's about 67-degrees give or take a few degrees here in balmy Chautauqua County. Pretty nice weather for December. I guess the record of 68 degrees (or was it 67?) was set in 1998. Well, after last winter I'll take as many sunny, warm days as you can throw at me. This weather is perfect.

Real World Finale

I watched MTV's The Real World X Finale last night. I'm not a huge TV junkie by any means, but I happened to catch a Real World marathon this Sunday and got hooked on this season's RW. It's cool that everyone got along so well by the end. Some didn't end as nicely and certainly had more than their share of problems over the course of the show. It's hard to call it a "show" since it's supposed to be reality-based TV. Hm. I get very curious about what actually happened during the season since you know they're only showing the controversial, savor the moment bits. I also wondered if any of this last season's "cast" watched last night's episode. That thought crossed my mind as I watched Mike do his "Mizz" bit one last time in the house. Good stuff.

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