Tuesday, December 04, 2001

A little vacation from the blog

I took an unintentional vacation from updating my blog. It was more like, I didn't feel like writing nor did I really have time. Well, that's a bunch of b.s. to a degree but I do have some valid excuses.

Mini-mini Holiday

Matt and I went up to Buffalo on Saturday like I had hoped we would. Read his blog for his point of view on the trip. We did see the exhibit "The Triumph of French Painting" at the Albright-Knox. I think we're still laughing over the fact that most of the artists featured were not French. That's ok. It was still a nice exhibit although I have seen better. Namely, the Tissot exhibit that was featured in Buffalo a few years ago. Well.. maybe it was only just last year. I really don't remember, but it was a really well done exhibit. The audio tour was fantastic too.

After being artsy-fartsy, we met up with Matt's friend, Kevin, and went to The Spot for some coffee. I'm still convinced that Matt tried to leave me there since he took off with Kevin while I waited for a restroom to open. He tried to plead that he thought I was right behind him, but I know better! *heh* Dinner was at La Bella Sicilia in Cheektowaga. I have lots of memories of this place. Most of them include mountains of food. Add another memory like that to the pile. We had more than enough food to last us at least two more meals. I just go nuts over their fresh Italian bread and antipasto too.

After the gorging was done, we headed to D'Arcy McGee's on Franklin Street. This place is awesome! The proprietor shipped over an entire authentic Irish pub and set it up in Buffalo. I had a pint of Boddington's while Matt and Kevin drank Black & Tan's. I want to take my parents there sometime when it isn't so busy. There's this cozy section with a fireplace and tables next to bookshelves. I'm sure no one is reading the books, but it just looks so comfy!

By the time 9pm had rolled around I was beat. I know, I'm getting old and creaky! It was more due to getting up early and driving around all day. Hey, eating and drinking and being cultured can take a lot out of girl.

Sunday Cleaning

Sunday we put more of the house together. Matt put up the shades downstairs, so now we have privacy. In a sense I made more of a mess by unpacking boxes and trying to get stuff in its proper place. A very happy note though: we put up my painting (done by Hollis Biggs Garver) over the fireplace. It looks fabulous!

There's Always Unemployment...

Matt still doesn't know if he has a job come January 1st. City Council withdrew the two motions to vote on a budget last night. They will submit a budget for a vote again on December 17th. I went to last night's meeting and probably will go to the one on the 17th as well. It may not all turn out bad since Matt's boss may be able to find some grant money somewhere. We'll see.

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Holly Garver said...

I'm Hollis Biggs Garver - which painting of mine do you have? How wonderful to see that you're enjoying it - thank you!

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