Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Rain in November

We should consider ourselves very lucky here in Chautauqua County. The whole month of November passed with pretty much nary a snowflake. Out west and up in Minnesota didn't fare as well. Of course, that depends on who you're talking to. Out in the Rockies they received some 8 feet of snow. No joke. The skiers and ski resorts were in their glory. Then, over 28 inches fell in Minnesota and parts of Michigan. One guy had to wade through waist-high snow just to get to his truck. So as I look out on green grass and falling rain, I do feel a bit thankful that things are mild here. Ask me that question again on Friday when we're supposed to have heavy rain and I might have a different response.

Power Point Class

I will be attending a power point class this Saturday for 4 hours and the next Saturday as well. Mark wants me to have a good working knowledge of it so he can use me instead of information services whenever he wants a presentation done in pps. My mom taught me some good basics for the program. In fact, she probably could teach me everything I need to know about powerpoint. I think that's pretty cool. My mom teaches other teachers in the Rochester City School district how to use power point. Only reason I'm doing it at Jamestown Community College is because I get reimbursed for it, it's a lot closer and I'll hopefully have some sort of documentation at the end of the class to prove I was there.

Matt's Birthday

Tomorrow is Matt's birthday. He'll be 29 on the 29th. Drop over to his blog and email him a birthday wish *winks* Now, if we subscribed to the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, we could write to this lady who publishes a column of bits and pieces of human interest. One of the things she does is publish that so-and-so will be this age on this date (6 on the 6th, 29 on the 29th etc.). My parents used to tease me that they would write her when it came time for me to turn 22 on October 22nd. Never happened. I wouldn't have been home to see it anyway (was still at Buffalo State College).

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