Tuesday, November 27, 2001


As it happens, Matt reads my blog. We ended up talking even more about my homesickness and whatnot. Via email as it would be, but still talking about it. It comes to this:

I miss Rochester, the places that are there, and the friends that are there. The friends won't always be there. Like me, they will pack up and leave or find other things that occupy them. Even the places I love won't always be there as the market falls and rises. I can only hope that Java's will still be around when I'm 30 *grins*

The person I love is Matt. I convinced him (I think) that I have no plans to go scurrying home. That honestly, I'd miss the people here in Chautauqua too much to leave just yet and that he's stuck with me, like it or not.

Part of what's driving the current nervousness is the uncertainty to whether Matt will have a job at the end of the year. City Council members are getting stupid with how they're planning budget cuts or tax hikes and that may result in some lay-offs. I was furious when I heard who was driving the lay-off plan last night. None other than our councilman who we tried to help to help get re-elected. He lost by his own doing and now seems willing to take others down with him through no fault of their own. Needless to say, I'm mostly angry and sad because Matt has worked so hard this past year at this job. He also worked hard this past election to get new people on council that have brains and the will to actually work with the Mayor occassionally. It could still turn out ok, but I'm not holding my breath too much.

Sometimes all of the above gets a little heady thinking about it.

Scenic Views

I've been delivering the most recent Summit Reports around the County. It's taken me into town and village halls and libraries I've never seen. There is a mystical country out there. It's funny to realize I live in it, or very close to it at least.

One particular view that sticks in my head is the church in the village of Sinclairville. I think the style is white clapboard, but it seemed a little fancier than that.

Friend Make-over

Ok, if you have photoshop or some other photo altering program than I highly suggest you help Matt B. with a makeover of his hair and glasses. I had to laugh since I recognized most of the pictures. Good Times. Since I don't have photoshop, I'm reccommending that Matt just get a trim.. not short like the Morrissey haircut he had about two years ago, but a nice, healthy trim. Yup.

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