Monday, November 26, 2001

The Holiday Season

It's officially the holiday season. I would have liked to start putting up my Christmas decorations, but actually finishing un-packing the rest of our stuff will happen first (I hope!).

The visit home was nice. Most of the weekend was like hanging out with my high school. That's only because I saw a group of people I haven't had time to spend with lately. At one point, classes 1991 through 1996 (excluding 1992) were represented at the Stenzel's apartment. Funny stuff. Probably the most rabble-rousing thing I did was go see Eleven Foot Seven at Milestones. They weren't that great, but it was cool to get out. I did stop at Java's on the way over to the concert. Garret K. was there, visiting, serving coffee, etc. I still laugh when I think of how skinny he was when I trained him to be a DJ at WIRQ. He's all buff now.. although still lean.

Results of Being Home

The only problem with going home is that I miss it. Matt hates when I get home from Rochester because I'm all emotional about leaving my friends and family. We talked about that a bit on Saturday. I guess he's afraid that I'll decide I can't stand not being there and up and leave for a job there, leaving him in Jamestown. That doesn't mean I'd leave him leave him, but we probably wouldn't be able to be together for a period while he looked for a job up in Rochester as well. It's a potential conflict for us. He sees all the opportunity that could be afforded to us here in Chautauqua due to our connections, while I just want to be closer to home with the potential for bigger opportunities in a bigger market. Maybe I'm just nuts and not appreciative enough of what I have here. You could say I'm worried about what happens in 4 years when Mark's term ends. That's assuming he doesn't run for another office or get appointed to a higher position somewhere away from here. A huge downer in politics for those that want to stay in the same area, yet work for an upwardly mobile boss. I'm fairly certain that Mark will go far, or at least be given the opportunity to go other places.

New Home Update

I know this is silly, but I'm excited about getting Matt's twin bed put together. The sheets and comforter he had on there were so 80's, so I bought a new fitted sheet and top sheet and put a full-size comforter (white) on it instead. The guest bedroom looks so much better! I also put up a curtain (still need a better curtain rod to go through the cord loops on top of the curtain) to cover the window. It's amazing what a little fabric in a room will do. Fabric, who knew?!? Sorry, I have to quote Christopher Lowell sometimes. And to think I was watching him all the way back when he did Interior Motives.

Matt put together his dining room table and set up against the windows with the matching chairs. Just a little more work and things will be beautiful :-)

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