Sunday, October 28, 2001

More Dreams

I dreamt this morning (since I went to bed after midnight) that I was in the World Trade Center right after it was hit by the plane. I think I was in the first building hit since I asked someone how long it had been since it happened. I was very cognizant of the fact that I needed to get out because the building was going to collapse. Our County Budget Director was there along with my secretary (well, the general office secretary). When Pauline (secretary) and I went in search of the stairway we found out that we were on the top floor since the first place we walked out onto was an observation deck. I got nervous then since we were up so high and I could feel the building being unstable underneath me. We started making our way down the stairway and I lost Pauline on some floor. I called out her name a couple times and decided I just couldn't stop to look for her. I started going down the stairs really fast, swinging over the rails, skipping flights.. desperately trying to get down to the bottom. I knew I didn't have much time. I got to one floor where I had to go through this auditorium that had a starry-like ceiling. Someone I knew (at least in the dream) grabbed my sleeve, but I told him to let go and I kept going. Before I left this room, I woke up. Matt asked me if I had known anyone who died in the 11th tragedy. I really don't aside from distantly knowing a girl whose brother died (worked for that Cantor-Fiztgerald company). I'm thinking that it just must be my way of dealing with what happened. Although it was pretty odd.


I keep getting ideas for stuff to write on this blog, but then I have no motivation to write once I get on-line. So sorry to anyone who clicks on here somewhat daily expecting new entries.

La Lun C'est Bon

Ok, my French may not be quite correct, but you get the idea. It's a phrase Ben used to say. Usually it was uttered as he, Matt F., Krista and I walked on the Irondequoit Bay Pier. That was my Junior year in high school. I loved watching the reflection of the moon in the water on the bay and on Lake Ontario. Sometimes a small ship would go by with just its safety lights on. You can't say my friends aren't romantics, although Matt might have scoffed at that insinuation back then. Who knows.

Oh, I bring this all up because the moon is becoming full.. making it a blue moon for October. As I was driving back to Jamestown on Route 60 from our Team meeting in Dunkirk, I noticed the moon was large enough to cast a pale glow over the bare trees. I got such a sudden rush. I truly thought I might burst from the sudden energy of it all. Talk about flying out of yourself. Sometimes in these moments I get a real sensation of deja vu. I know there's research that apparently disputes that this can happen and that the feeling comes from the brain making an instant memory of the moment and then you remembering it.. making it feel like it's happened before. Or something like that. Well, something reminded me of Toronto as I drove. God knows why, but it popped into my head. I think I'll leave it at that since I have no idea what my brain's free association really means most of the time *grins*

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