Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Choosing a Bed and Breakfast

I made Matt look at a couple websites for B&B's around Seneca Lake in anticipation of our mini-holiday following elections. I told him it would be my birthday/christmas gift to him (paying for lodging) since the place we like the best is not cheap. Of course we would have a fireplace, jacuzzi, king size bed and the place also has an indoor pool.. so naturally it's going to be a little pricey. I'm cool with that. I think we'll both need some r&r anyways. Matt is really bugging out with work and whatnot. I'm still hanging in there.


I had a discussion with Maclain last night about ultra-intuition (my preferred word for psychic). I guess she went to Lily Dale with her mom and grandmother for some readings and had one of the best ones she ever had. She asked me if I had ever had one and said I should go sometime. My response was that I had enough of the real thing at home. I really don't like to talk about that too much lest people think I'm nuts. Around here it's a bit different since the most unlikely people have had readings at Lily Dale. Funny stuff. Also, I'm not sure how comfortable I am with the idea. That goes along with the fact that my boss' wife is a medium there. I'm truthfully curious about what she does, her beliefs and all but very hesitant to ask. Something about not wanting to know too much. On top of past experiences that had nothing to do "the future" but more to do with those who had passed. Hm. I don't like the feeling that our lives might really be predestined in some Calvinistic fashion. Fate is heavy concept.

Pink Slips

I got a call at the office today from another co-worker asking me if I had pink post-it notes placed on the headlights to my car yesterday. I hadn't. I guess this had happened to her car and she had heard the post-its were on a small, green car in the lot too (my car fits the description). I really didn't think anything of it. She wondered if it was supposed to be symbolic of us getting pink slips if my boss doesn't win the election or if it was supposed to be representative of something else. That something else would be National Coming Out Day. My co-worker (not to be confused with the evil co-worker) is out, but doesn't really have anything on her car that would scream "Hello! I'm Gay!" Niether do I. She was hoping that if somone had put the pink post-its on her headlights for that reason.. that they were just being cute/funny and not malicious. Sometimes I forget that people can be like that. Then again, sometimes I forget that I'm bi. Oops.. there goes the cat out the door. Nah, I don't really forget but it's not something I think about enough that I automatically connect pink post-its with.. well, you get the picture. *shrugs* It's just part of my life.

House Progress

The office walls have been completely stripped of wallpaper *cheers* Next comes stippling, followed by painting. After that.. the guest bedroom will be done. Slow but sure.. it will all get done.

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