Thursday, October 11, 2001

Strawberry Jam & Butter on Toast

This is what I had with my tea this morning for breakfast. After I got back from my brief trip with RPYO to England in 1995, I started searching out ways to continue being an anglophile without it being a stretch or noticable effort. Mind you, while I was in England I never went to Tea or even had a fresh-baked scone but I did have some lovely tea with the family we homestayed with (was like Earl Grey but lighter and more floral). I am proud to say that I have eaten a "fry-up" but my experiences with English food were not high on my list (it usually isn't for most people). I do have to point out that I had a pre-packaged scone at some rest stop on the way to London from Worthing. It was dry, crumbly and cold. I think I found some tea there as well, but I don't remember how that was.

Oh no! It's Garbage Day!

That says it all. Matt and I haven't gotten used to our new garbage schedule and therefore missed putting out all our garbage for the week. Bleh. I hate to think of a week's worth of garbage just hanging around the house. Especially since Matt's dad has really started working on the upstairs rooms. Ah well. Incidentally, while the office is being painted, I might not be able to check my email much since this is where the computer is at the moment and it's rather difficult to be on-line while someone is trying to paint around you. Plus, I don't like the thought of paint splattering my screen. So I guess that means posting from work (ssshhhhh).


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