Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Religion: Part Two

I alluded to my issues with believing in a God, but I have a sneaky feeling there may be one. The only reason for this is related to some "other" life experiences I have had. I'm reluctant to speak about them since I don't want half my friends thinking I'm nuts and the other half to roll their eyes and think "here she goes again!"

I've never been a firm believer in ghosts or spirits. It was always one of those passing, oh-maybe-there-is-such-a-thing, but it was more an interest while growing up than actual belief. This was until my senior year in college. A number of things happened then and in the year following that made me sure that we are not entirely alone. And based on those experiences and other things, I cannot be absolutely certain that there isn't a God. Rather frustrating because I'd like to be a straight out and out athiest, but that agnostic in me comes skipping along and says, "Hey.. but what if.." Kinda like that guy in Lilies of the Field who's helping build a church. He's the local agnostic and when asked why he's helping he says something like "Well, I can't be sure there isn't a God so I may as well help." That's a bastardization of the actual quote, but you get my point.

It's funny to think that since I moved to Chautauqua that I have actually been exposed to a few more faith followings than before. I still haven't figured out what the Spiritualists really believe in, but I believe my boss' wife is one and apparently is highly regarded at Lily Dale. That's the World's Largest Spiritualist Center (outside England at least). Go figure that it's in Chautauqua County. Although maybe it's not so surprising when I think about it. Chautauqua and Amityville are two places that seem to have a lot going on in the other world. And I'm not being corny about that.

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