Monday, September 24, 2001

My Work Mug

It's a rather ordinary thing. Honestly.. it is. It was given to me for Christmas (I believe) sometime in High School by my friend Anne. It's white with a black/pink/green floral pattern on it. Made in China is stamped on the bottom. Quite ordinary. I just decided to study it a little today. Maybe it's the fact that out of all the mugs I have, the one from Anne was the one I chose to bring to work. Wonder what that says about me? I have all sorts of cool mugs I could display. And an even more cool potteryware mug from Earthtones that Anne and Sean recently gave me (a housewarming mug), but a simple mug was what I brought to work. Maybe I'm being over analytical.


Autumn came without much fanfare. Maybe it was due to the 70 degree weather we had this weekend. I was rather wrapped up in other things, like moving and work. My mind is about to implode with the thought of either. That's alright. It will all settle as it should (I hope). This just reaffirms how much I hate moving. Well, I wouldn't hate it as much if it weren't for all the painting/repairing/cleaning that still needs to be done.

Back to Autumn. The leaves are changing here. It's been a gray, rainy day today. It does feel like Fall, but tomorrow and especially Thursday will feel like it even more so (very windy weather predicted for Thursday). It's one of those times where I could forget what was going on, heat up some mulled apple cider and settle under an afghan with a good book. I read four books last week. All by Deborah Crombie. I rather liked them, but then I always have this thing for modern day British mysteries. Hm.

Kaldi's Coffeehouse

Last night Matt and I noticed that the door to Kaldi's Coffeehouse was open as we drove past on our way to the new house. Since it was Sunday, we were surprised. After doing some things around the house, we stopped on our way back to the apartment. It turns out Kaldi's wasn't really open. This group of artists/writers/musicians get together every Sunday to chat and Kaldi's just happened to be the meeting place. We were allowed to come in and get a cup of coffee (left a good tip as payment) and we sat in the window. It was vaguely uncomfortable. But I suppose that's natural since we were not part of their "clique." It made me feel sad though.

Meeting people my age here is so hard and when I do find people, it seems like I have to work double-hard to get accepted into their "group." It reminds me of high school and of college. I'm tired of that. I'm tired of making that extra-hard effort for something that shouldn't be that hard. Why is making friends such a huge thing and why is it so difficult to "get in?" No bother. At least there are a few people Matt and I can hang out with comfortably.

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