Monday, September 03, 2001

Memory Sponge

I decided I'm the memory keeper within my group of friends. Not to say that they all don't remember stuff, but it seems like my memory triggers are more touchy, so I can remember stuff more easily. *shrugs* It's cool, but sometimes not. For instance: I was really bummed out about coming back to Jamestown. I had seen several friends these past few days and wasn't willing just yet to totally let go of being in Rochester for the 3 days I spent there. Part of that wasn't helped by the fact that I saw my friend Brian for the first time since high school graduation. I'm not kidding you. He was right before me in the alphabet, so after that ceremony.. that was it for six years. SIX YEARS! Can you fucking believe that? Hm. So I'm experiencing a whole whirlwind of emotions at the moment. One of the really cool "alone" moments I had while home was going to the Genesee River Fishing Access at the end of St. Paul Blvd. Friday night. The moon was hidden behind these autumn clouds, but was so bright that the clouds were glowing. The energy of the moment was incredible. It was one of those moments that you feel like you are soaking in this natural energy and power. At the same time, I knew I had to leave the spot to go home and get sleep, so I was also feeling a tad melancholy. Change of seasons I guess.


The rest of my trip was cool. My mom found all sorts of sheers for our windows in the house. I'm not sure how many of them we'll use, but it's a start. I also lugged back the dehumidifier so we can work on drying up the basement after the idiot who lived there before flooded it by leaving on the faucet. *rolls eyes* On a good note, the living room and dining room are about all primed. Matt's dad has been working pretty steadily at it for the past few days. Matt's been helping too by tearing down the multiple layers of wallpaper in the various rooms. I just go and buy stuff. *nods* I can handle that!

My mom and I went to the Art Gallery to see a pottery exhibit. It was alright. My favourite part of it was the different tea cups and tea pots that were on display. Most of them were not functional, or not "practical" enough to be functional. In my opinion at least. The other cool sculpture/pottery thing was of a man's head. The expression on the face was of deep thought. He looked like he was about to say, "Wait.. I've almost go it.. I'm thinking!!" Or maybe it was a look of constipation. Who knows. I wonder what Freud would have to say about that! (don't answer)

Labor Day

Half the county (it seemed) turned out for Jamestown's Labor Festival. I was really amazed by this. It was cool to see Bergman Park so filled with people. The Porcelain Bus Drivers played right until the fireworks began.. ending with "Come On Eileen" and a rusty brass version of "America the Beautiful." Unfortunately I was still depressed and moody about being back in Jamestown, so I really didn't perk up until right before the fireworks. I mean, we're talking serious moodiness. *grumbles* But Matt and I talked about the weekend and whatnot afterwards at Denny's (over coffee and an English muffin) and I'm feeling better. Although I'm dying to talk to some friends, especially one who may have had a date today *grins* We'll see. I think it's a bit late now for anyone else to log on. I think I'm going to go crash too.


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