Tuesday, August 14, 2001


I've never been a fan of shopping. I get the dragging feet, long face, endless sighs effect going on when my mom thinks it would be fun to go shopping. I revert back to being in a kid almost instantly *snaps fingers* However, shopping by myself is another story. I'm still not a huge fan of shopping, but I can tolerate it a hell of a lot more.

The list of things I need at the moment includes a huge list of shoes. I need black/brown/or burgendy loafers, black heels, white shoes (preferably with a heel), and navy/brown/ or burgendy dress flats. I think that covers it. I'm also scheming for new sandals and I might have to break down and buy some Clarks, no matter the price *sighs* I'm also on the lookout for a new summer purse (and don't tell me it's too late for one!!). I saw these smashing red purses by Nine West that I must have. I should have bought the one I liked at Steinmart in Erie, PA. Sounds like a good excuse to drive there this weekend (not including the fact that a DSW Shoe Warehouse just opened last month). Who would've thought I'd be so shoe nuts? Not me... that's for certain.

I just got an email Sean, who correctly guessed the identity of the person I sent the carnation to. Apparently he had no idea I had done this all the way back in high school (even though we were good friends then.. and still are) *laughs* I must have never told him about it I guess.

Tonight is the annual Public Safety Committee Summer Picnic/Meeting. It's at Long Point State Park and will involve really good food I guess. In past years they have had steak. I'm drooling over that prospect. No way in hell I could ever be a vegetarian. Nope. My only concern is that they will actually make me ride in the Sheriff's Patrol boat or helicopter. The committee chairman made a joke about that awhile ago, but other people that work in the Legislative offices confirm that it may not be a joke. Ut oh.

Another semi-work related note: Senator Chuck Schumer will be in town tomorrow night for a fundraiser. I'm helping out with that of course. It's a shorter event (thank god). Couldn't tell you much more than that.

Well, off to find stakes for signs. Bye.

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