Saturday, August 11, 2001

A Canada story...

My friends and I, our sophomore year in college, thought it would be really cool just to go up to Windsor, Ontario for the day (I was going to school near Cleveland). I decided midway through curling my hair (was short then) that a roadtrip sounded awesome, turned off the curler even though half my head of hair was curly the other half not, and left my dorm.

Driving there was not a problem. Going through customs was just plain funny. I think I was in the driver's seat by then since no one liked driving over big, long bridges. I didn't know what to tell the custom's lady about our purpose for being in Canada. I think I said "Um.. isn't Windsor near here? I think we're going there."

We had dinner at some sports bar *ho hum* and then went over to one of the casinos for our first shot at gambling. It sucked hard. No one won anything. I then coerced my friends to stop at a coffee shop I saw down some side street (it was cold out).

At the coffee shop, a really cute Spanish guy hooked up with our table (well, our group). He tooks us to the Pteradactyl Club (or cafe, who knows). An acid jazz band was playing there and I had my first amaretto sour. Mmmmmm. No one was really sure who Joaquim (the cute guy's name) was interested in. It was either me or my friend Christa, and seeing how I already had a boyfriend.. no dice.

After we left the club, Joaquim walked us to our car and I drove us home. I should mention that I couldn't remember what exit to get off at once we got back in Ohio. That made the trip a little bit long. We got in around 4 AM and crashed. I had to get up 5 hours later to do work at the college radio station. Almost end of story... I'll save part two for another time. *grins*

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