Monday, August 20, 2001

Amazing Stuff

Did I really let almost a whole week go by without writing? Hah! I did.

Public Safety Meeting

I got to ride in the Sheriff's speed boat around the northern half of Chautauqua Lake. That was pretty fun even though my hair kept whipping around in my face and I couldn't hear what anyone was saying. I haven't been on the water in a vessel that small in awhile. Come to think of it, I think I avoided it. Dinner was bbq-ed chicken and ribs. Mmmmm. Just as well that we didn't have steak.

The Senator's Visit

Senator Chuck Schumer's visit was very nice. I went with Mark (the boss) to meet Chuck at the Jamestown Airport. It's amazing how small planes can be and yet still hold 4 people (including the pilot). The actual party was nice too since it was catered. Matt tells me I was in nice form in terms of talking to everyone and appearing very self-assured. How nice! There was a time when events of that size would have had me scurrying for the underbrush. Large events where I don't know most of the people do still have that effect, but most of the time I know at least a good handful of attendees. Oh yeah, I also got my picture taken with Schumer and Mark. Also, I got back the pictures from the Hillary Clinton event. I hope to download the picture of Matt and I with her onto here soon. We don't look too bewildered/harried/off-in-space. Well, maybe Matt does a little.


My grandmother's best friend, Mary Beres, died last Wednesday. I left work early Friday to go up to Buffalo for the wake. That was pretty standard. The funeral Saturday morning was a little odd. Mostly because of how it dragged me into another time period. I really felt like we were sucked into the 1960's for some reason. Maybe it was the tradition of it all. You see, Mary was Italian and this was a typical Italian funeral. Lots of family and friends dressed in black, sitting quietly, or in tears, or praying the rosary. Mary was wearing a pink dress by the way. I've never been very religious (even when I was going to church), but I still remembered how to say a decade of the rosary (which we did in the funeral home before going over to the church). The church was built in 1952 and just felt old. Everything felt old. I know that wasn't even 50 years ago. Even though I didn't know Mary terribly well, I still was sad. She had knitted a beautiful afghan for me that now lays in a cedar chest waiting for the day I might get married.

New House

Completely out of nowhere, a house sprung upon Matt and me (or is it I?) Greg Rabb casually mentioned that he was looking for someone to either rent or buy his "fire hole." At least that's what I thought he said. He actually said "bungalow." I never knew what a bungalow looked like until I took a drive by this place. Turns out it's exactly the style of house (circa 1920's) that I told Matt once I'd like to live in.

Well, we looked at it yesterday. It needs work. All the rooms (and closets) need painting/tearing down of wallpaper & painting. It also needs a stove. Fortunately, Matt's dad can take care of the painting. I think we're going to take it. His parents told us that we'd be foolish not too. Then again, it's not often you find a 3-bedroom house with driveway/working fire place/adjacent lot for $400 a month with the option to buy. Matt's supposed to check out how much utilities are since it is gas heated. This past winter's numbers will give us a good idea of how much would be sucked out of our pockets.

So it's slightly unthinkable that we would be moving almost at the height of the political season.. but in reality, we'd be already moved in and settled by October 1st (if it goes as planned). I still think we're nuts. Or stupid. Or both.. take your pick! And of course it's easier to move now then when it might be snowing after elections. You could say I talked myself into it. Wish me luck!

The truely Amazing thing

Deborah Gibson is touring with N*Sync. She will be a concert opener, promoting her new album MYOB. I'm amazed. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a ticket to save my life to go see her since she's opening for that illustrious teen band *sighs*... *laughs* I never said my taste in music was impeccable.

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