Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Our house... is a very, very, very fine house!

We're getting (well, renting) the house. Durant Avenue. I think it's funny that I'll be living on a street that also happens to be the last name of one of my friend's girlfriends/wife. There's just one problem: I'm not totally sure how to pronounce it. Is it Duuur-ant, Do-rant, Dur-rant.. ah hell. Any suggestions? Write them in my guestbook.

The Hillary Pic

This is the "infamous" picture from the Hillary Clinton fundraiser. Matt is not happy with how he looks. I guess there's nothing we can do about that!

Softball Hell

People just don't understand my adversion to sports. The County and City of Jamestown are playing a softball match against each other this Thursday at Russell E. Diethrick Park (Home of the Jamestown Jammers). At practice today, my teammates kept asking me where my cleats and mitt were. I had to just laugh. They just don't understand the trauma I went through when it comes to softball. I'll relay one story from high school.

It was gym class. We were playing a modified version of softball on the football field (I think) my freshman year of high school. Mind you, it was a regular softball (I think) but the bats were the bigger, plastic kind. Now you would think that this would be a cinch for anyone. Not me. I couldn't hit the damn ball. My teacher made me stay until I could hit the ball. Turns out I was holding the bat wrong, but I still needed my friend Trish to stand behind me, put her arms around my body so she could hold onto the bat too, and swing before the friggin' bat connected with that blasted ball. I was late to Biology that day, as were Trish and Sarah (who also stayed behind to "help.") Nevermind that I felt like a freakin' idiot. Ah well. So forgive me for not being a huge sports fan.

That's all folks.

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