Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Calling All Delinquent Bloggers!!

I get worried when blogs I read daily are not updated. I mean, I really begin to wonder if the person is ok. Are they lying, dying, on the floor almost within reach of the keyboard but unable to make the approprate keystroke to publish their post? I lead a busy life. I must live vicariously through others. So the two people, you know who you are, that haven't updated their blog in a month.. go do it!! Actually, one of the people has a small excuse. They're visiting friends in Rochester, so I guess posting to the blog isn't a great priority at that point. Hrumph.


I'm getting next Friday off *does a little dance* It was easy too! I just went up to my boss and said, "You wouldn't have any problem with me taking off next Friday would you?" He replied, "Nah.. what weekend is that? Oh Labor Day weekend. Hell, I won't be here either!" I love my job. At my last job, I had put in for a 4 day weekend (Friday through Monday) a month ahead of time. The week of that vacation, the Operations Manager called me in and told me that I had to be in that Saturday for a mandatory meeting. I reminded him that I would be out of town. His response, "Well, I never approved that vacation." I told him I had bought tickets to an event that Saturday. He basically didn't care. It all worked out in the end though. The person who was running the meeting called my dumbass manager and told him he couldn't make it either because he was going skiing. I got them back though. I used one of my days off to interview for the job I currently have *grins* I'm not bitter.. no.. never.

*looks at watch* Well, I'm currently at home and should get back to Mayville. We had Comprehensive Performance Plan training this morning and I just got out 40 minutes ago. Eating lunch was a big priority before I got back up to work. Mmm.. yogurt. I'm so sick of yogurt. Cottage cheese is cool but no one makes it in those handy snack packs anymore (without fruit). I think I'm too picky sometimes.

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