Saturday, August 04, 2001

MTV's 20th Birthday

Man.. I feel old. MTV is 20 years old. Geeezzzuuuusss. I remember watching MTV at the dinner table when we first got cable. That one Quiet Riot video played everyday at the same time. And the funny part is that my parents actually watched it with me. TV was a special treat to me as a kid. I watched a lot of PBS (parental approved) and Black Beauty on Nickelodeon. I really loved "You Can't Do That on Television" but my mom thought it was trash. So I had to sneak it when I could. Those were also the days that I got super excited when Disney had a free preview week. *rolls eyes*

All my knowledge of pop culture came from these fleeting moments and from babysitting (or being babysat). I mentioned before that my parents were awesome about culturing me, but they also tried to keep what they considered "trash" out of my life. Like no sugar cereals, no TV at night or after school (unless it was educational), no trashy teen mags (like Tiger, Teenbeat, etc), and no name brand clothes if my mom could help it. That was just the surface of it. My parents meant really well, but I still hungered for that stuff. I think I'm making up for it now in my 20s. Ergh. I washed dishes today listening to Debbie Gibson's Greatest hits (and singing along very loudly). And I occasionally drool over sugary bubble gum in the supermarket checkout isles. *laughs* But don't worry.. I haven't totally lost my mind.

I need to go wake Matt from his nap so we can get coffee at Kaldi's.. just because they're open until 1am. And it's Lucy's Birthday Celebration downtown... hoorah!

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