Monday, August 06, 2001

The votes.. er vote.. is in. No kissy face list. No one really emailed me about it, but when my S.O. read my blog he said, "You're not really going to do that list are you??" I replied, "Erm.. well, I'm waiting for people to email me about that." He says, "Oh please don't do that list! I don't need to know who you kissed before me." I said, "Well, ok.. guess that decides that!" *laughs* Love is funny, isn't it? I've been pondering the "could have beens" lately. Funny stuff. It's amazing how many people we meet in our lives that could have been something more than they were. In most cases, we're better off not ever knowing or doing that to our friendships. Unfortunately, sometimes there's always that one person that you just think, "Damnit!! Why didn't I???" Or maybe just me. Nah.. I know a few other people who have confessed similar things.


'Nother busy week ahead. I'm stuffing envelopes with the Young Democrats at Campaign HQ's tonight after a legislature committee meeting. Tomorrow is National Night Out.. gotta do that. I wonder when I'll get to wash clothes *ponders* I have this rule about washing clothes. When you get to a certain number of clean pairs of underwear.. it's time. Just because you know if you don't, you'll get to that last pair and say, "Oh shit! I don't have time to do it tonight or tomorrow!! What the hell am I going to do???" *nods* I too damn sensible sometimes.

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