Friday, August 24, 2001

I.H.S. Goes P.C.

My school district has voted to change its logo. I can understand. I mean, it was a quasi-order handed down by someone at the state level. And I can see how using "Indians" as a logo could be offensive. Ok, maybe not! I mean the friggin' name of my town is a Native American saying (Irondequoit translates into "Where the Land and Waters Meet" more or less). I find it hard to believe that some state education people really think school districts are being insensitive or racist by using native american words like "indian" or "chiefs." Yes, there are others that raise an eyebrow (involving the word "red"), but students in the West Irondequoit district learn about how the Native Americans lived, where they lived and their culture. We even changed our visual logo to better represent the Seneca Nation. I sometimes wonder if this culture is becoming too politically correct at times.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Our County-City Softball game was cancelled last night. Everyone showed up at the baseball park and basically got to eat dinner and watch the Jammers lose to the Yankees 7-0. What a waste of money. We're still doing our charity game. It was re-scheduled for next Wednesday. I think we did raise a nice chunk of money for our charities. That will be determined over the coming days.

The Weekend

I really want to go see Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back!. I just need to find a place where it is playing. Somehow I don't think this is going happen.

Other highlights (or general info) about the weekend include going to the Cabinet Dinner/Cook-out at the Boss' house tonight, the weekly Democrat's breakfast at the Holiday Inn tomorrow, exercising afterwards, helping out with the Democrat's Yard Sale at some point, going to the Ethics Board Meeting/Picnic on Sunday and then to the Team meeting.

What I would really like to be doing is going to see the aforementioned Kevin Smith movie, picking out and buying paint for the house, buying a stove, getting into our house to see if crown molding exists, buying crown molding if we need to, paint the indoors of the house. Ok, that's unrealistic but I'm pretty excited about this place. I'm also worried about how much time we have versus time needed to move into this house.

What Do You Impact by What You Eat?

I went to Dick's Harbor House for lunch (er.. breakfast) today. This table of women were discussing the lecture they had attended at Chautauqua Institution today. It was about food and vegetables. One point mentioned was how we can go out to eat in this county and most of the food/vegetables we eat probably are not local. That's despite the fact that we have a heavy agricultural area here. Lots of seasonal stuff that's just awesome. If I overheard correctly, if you ete local seasonal food, the mile radius of the area you would be impacting would only be 100 miles. That's opposed to "normal" Americans who insist on eating out-of-season food from all over the world, including California which is essentially a desert and has to irrigate like crazy in order to grow these out-of-season goods. Makes you think, doesn't it? Well, I do try to buy local stuff when I'm at the store and I only try to eat seasonal foods, but it's so hard. I just love bananas!


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