Monday, August 27, 2001

Ashes to ashes.. Dust to dust...

I've been struck by some comments I've seen on the web in regards to the recent death of R&B pop singer Aaliyah. The racist comments are what gets me. I guess you could say that it's naive of me to assume that people would not make comments like "well, one less welfare check" or "one less n*gger" in response to someone's death. I was appalled! And then I had to roll my eyes at the people who were going on about "respect her death. Why does the media have to make such a big thing about it? She's just like the rest of us." That's only half-right. Yes, Aaliyah was a human being like the rest of us, but that's where the similarities stop for the most part. She was a famous singer within the R&B world. She had been in several commercial films. She was visible. It would be a discredit to her memory and fans if the media didn't report on her death. And I doubt she would have persued the career she was in if she didn't want to be in the limelight. End of rant on that.

Visit Home

I'm going home this Thursday evening to Rochester. I'm pretty psyched about it since it looks like a few of my friends that I didn't get to see in July will be around. But I guess I'll miss seeing Matt. It's his birthday and he's headed home. Ah well. I had to laugh at the thought that right before Labor Day I'm going home for a visit. There were so many Labor Day weekends in the past where I was headed or getting ready to head off to school, away from home. Now I'll be there. I do miss that whole excitement about starting classes again. Wondering who will be in different classes, what the teacher will be like, what you will wear.. general stuff like that. There's seeing friends you hadn't seen all summer. Seeing if that crush you had at the end of the school year still matches up. *grins* Deciding if that summer romance is going to make the Fall cut (usually didn't in my case, aside from one exception).

More House

Matt and I are picking out paint with his dad tonight for our house. I was very excited to note that there is crown molding in the dining room and one of the guest bedrooms (will be the office). We have keys to the place and made some mental inventory notes on Saturday. Here's another cool fact: most of the doors have the old "skeleton key" locks and we have the key that matches! I always thought it would be cool to have old-fashioned locks like that. I used to play with the key/lock on the door to the basement at my grandmother's house when I was a kid.

It turns out I'm not the only one of my friends who is moving sometime soon. Aaron (lives in California) is moving from Studio City to Burbank. It's a one minute walking commute to his job (at Warner Bros). I think that rocks although he won't have phone or email for several weeks. I always hate that. Don't fret though! I plan to have everything in working order by October 1st.

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