Wednesday, August 08, 2001


It is. So. Hot.

It is so hot that the steam in the bathroom this morning from my shower matched the fog outside.

It is so hot that sitting still makes me sweat.

It is so hot that the water never gets cold coming out of the faucet.

It is so.. ok, I'm done with that line for a little bit. I'm sure everyone that reads this is in some state of swealter.

I knew this was going to happen as soon as I got visitors. Plus, I can't find any fans in the stores (to help move around the hot air). I'm still excited nonetheless about having people over for dinner and the night. I'm making linguine in pesto and caprese salad. I bought this cappucino ice cream of some sort from Wegmans' (their brand). My mom says it's awesome. We'll see. If it sucks, we'll just go out for a drive in the air conditioned car.

We've started CPP training (Comprehensive Performance Plan) again. It's my turn to go through it. That means every other Wednesday I have to spend 3 hours doing whatever you do in CPP training. I find out today what that's like. Hope it's not painful or something that will put me to sleep. I'm tired enough as it is *grins*

I forgot that last night was National Night Out and freaked when I couldn't find Matt (called a bunch of people). He got home after 9pm after going to block party after block party. He was zonked out and miserable from the heat. I felt better that he was safe. I had visions of him lying dead on his office floor from a bee sting. I still think he's nuts for not carrying around an adrenalin shot in case he does get bit. Guess that's living on the edge for him since he doesn't skateboard anymore. *shrugs*

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