Thursday, August 09, 2001

Boom diddy boom

That's just nonsense. I'm waiting for the skies to make that kind of noise and unleash a torrent of rain along with some cooler air. How realistic is that? Well, according to every weatherman I've seen tonight.. pretty possible. Hrmph.

Visit with Sean and Anne was cool. I made the most garlic-y pesto sauce ever. I think I overdid it actually. The caprese salad was fairly awesome. However, note to self: just buy the regular basil in the plastic containers next time. That hydrophonic stuff wilted and died within a day! Geezus. Probably why the pesto sauce was too garlic-y. Not enough basil. But it was cool seeing them. We gave them the 20-cent tour of Jamestown and Lakewood. That included showing them our former place of employment. Terry was in phenomenal form. That meant he was freaking out at the printer, swearing and yelling, and causing general commotion for no reason other than the fact that he's just damn incompetent at times. Too bad he's such a good reporter. He certainly has issues with everything else.

You know, Susanna Hoffs reminds me of Abby. I don't think Abby has a blog or website, but she's friends with Jenny and Matt (among others). I think that's fairly complementary. *grins*

Sleep, sleep, sleep. Time for slumber for my weary bones. 'Night.

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