Wednesday, August 01, 2001

Do Try To Speak As We Do

Sometimes I get so involved in a book that I have to read it straight through.. no matter the time. I read the above book in 3 hours. It's why in the previous post that I decided I just had to go to England. It didn't help that last night on WNED-PBS was a documentary called "Great Streets" that featured the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland. On top of that.. it was narrated and featured Emmylou Harris. How cool is that??

I tend to get envious of my friends who have ventured abroad. My friend Anne spent a month in Scotland in high school and then a semester in England in college. She's been back since with her boyfriend (and my friend) Sean. Sean is another widely traveled sort. They're really the two friends I have that have traveled overseas a bit. I must live vicariously through them! I do have plans to make it overseas again. 8 days in England with the Rochester Philharmonic Youth Orchestra was not enough!

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