Friday, August 10, 2001

And if I built this fortress around your heart
That circles you with fences and barbed wire
Let me build a bridge
For I cannot fill this chasm
Let me set the battlements on fire

- Sting

I listened to this song at least four times today. I came across it by accident really. It's on Sting's greatest hits album. In some ways it's such a delicate song. Maybe that's just related to my associations with it. I put that quote on the tag that was attached to a red carnation that was sent to this person I really liked my senior year in high school. I don't think they ever knew it was directly from me. But it was a crush of a sort that was very delicate. This person was (and still is I assume) beautiful, talented, smart and so many other things. It's one of those crushes or "fallings" that leaves you totally vulnerable. I was willing to risk a lot. But I cared enough for them that when I knew someone else was interested in them.. I let them have a chance. This person couldn't have had any idea I liked them. We used to walk around the track and talk about our S.O's. This person's particular S.O. was a total asshole. There's no better way to put it. It was near agony to hear how shitty my friend was being treated by their "S.O." Like a piece of meat really. Really sad. So when I heard this song by Sting today, all that quiet exuberance of that love or whatever you call the feelings of a 18-year old came slipping back. It made me a little melancholy but reflective at the same time. It's amazing the things we are willing to sacrifice in our lives.

Incidentally, I hate the pronoun game.

This week is not really over yet. I have a public meeting to attend tomorrow morning and write a press release for. That shouldn't be horrible since there will be coffee there. I'm waiting for Matt to get home from an appearance at our Elvis Impersonator Festival. Before that we were both at the V.I.P. welcome for those involved in the Nature Art Festival. That was cool. I got to read a proclamation since my boss couldn't be there. Then this woman asked me for my autograph. I'm still grinning about that since I think it's funny that someone asked me that now and no one has ever before when I was a news reporter. It's funny what people will think is cool or impressive.

It never rained here in Jamestown last night. It did other places though. Our aquifers are getting very low all around the city. My boss' well dried up earlier this week. Yech. It has cooled off significantly. The humidity took a nice nosedive too. I can actually sit and type without perspiring. Hooray! It was warm at the Nature Art Festival (location 1 --> Jamestown Community College). Well, another potentially busy weekend ahead.

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