Friday, July 20, 2001

The week is about over.

I've already worked a full week this week. It's something I'm kind of proud of, but at the same time it had me feeling drained and acting bitchy up until yesterday. That's life.

I'm not at work yet. The secretaries don't really expect me this morning. I do have to get in before noon (I feel) since I have a media advisory to fax out, talking points to write for my boss for Monday's press event, a letter to write to the 8 counties in Western New York for NYSAC, and I have to finish re-organizing my boss' office. It's the organizing that has drove me absolutely batty. I mean, seriously, how many people that read this honestly like organizing someone else's shit? I do admit that there's some satisfaction in seeing that I can make a desk appear from under the mysterious piles of paper. Now I just worry that I need to have more things filed. Well, that's for later today.

Oh, check this out. I got my letter in the mail from President Bush yesterday informing me that I'm one of the lucky recipients of money as part of the $1 trillion tax cut. If that link doesn't work.. would it surprise you? *heh* Matt also got his letter (same amount). We think we're going to put it toward a washer and dryer. That may be optimistic. I also thought I could put it toward my student loans. Fun, wow. It must be a curse that you get responsible with age. Well, I still have a couple more weeks to dream of how I'm going to blow it all on cds and books (check won't arrive until my friend, Matt B's, birthday.. September 3rd).

My cuppa tea is gone and so am I.

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