Saturday, July 21, 2001

Rising Steam of Hope...

Kaldi's Coffeehouse is now open on Fridays and Saturdays from 8pm until 1am. I'm still trying to figure out this wonderous gift that has graced my life! Ok, that may be exagerating it a bit, but I can't tell you what a bit of heaven it was to be able to sit at a table out on the sidewalk with a cup of coffee in the middle of Jamestown at 10pm at night. That's almost unheard of unless there's a festival going on (like Lucy Fest.

Speaking of... there was actually a festival going on today. Just for the day though. Our annual Celebration of Culture. It was pretty cool. I started having flashbacks or nice remembrances of the Folk Festival that used to throw down at the Rochester Science Center & Planetarium. My mom danced in it with the Middle Eastern Dance group she belonged to (and taught). Yup, my mom.. the 100% Polish lady did belly dancing up on this huge stage for all of Rochester to see. It was quite fun! And the funny thing is this.. belly dancing (or Middle Eastern Dance as I prefer to call it) has made a resurgence in Rochester. Go figure. Too bad I live in Jamestown where life is about 10 years behind the present.

*grins* Do you notice that I alternate between liking living here and bashing it? It's not totally intentional but it does reflect my mixed emotions about living here. I like a lot of things but miss home. Who doesn't? Well, I'll try to remain positive, but doing that would make me disintegrate into a drivel of bullshit. And that wouldn't be very pleasant.

I must make one final comment on the Celebration of Culture. Where else in this state or Western New York at least can you find a cow milking contest in an urban setting (and Jamestown is slightly urban)? Hm??? For the record, Mayor Sam Teresi was beat out by County Sheriff Captain David Krieg by quite a bit. But Captain Krieg got his due when his cow decided it was time for a piss break just after he finished his end of the milking contest. So cheers to life in the Southern Tier!

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