Wednesday, July 18, 2001


I was so faithful to writing on this. Damn, Damn, Damn!

I was afraid this would happen come political season. Well, that has nothing to do with it actually. Just a basketfull of work to put it nicely.

The trip to Rochester was nice. I didn't get to see a chunk of friends I was hoping to see, but everything was fine otherwise. It was Cornhill Arts Festival weekend.. and a record year for crowds I guess. My parents, Matt and I took in the sites. I saw too many high-priced pieces of furniture I would LOVE to have. Of course I have no place to put anything, so why cry about it?

I was actually excited about seeing the construction on the new Stutson Street bridge. Ok, ok.. so it won't be called the Stutson St. bridge.. it will be the O'Rorke Bridge. I have hopes that this will be a smashing replacement based on all the animated stuff depicting what it will look like. I'm still disappointed that they had to tear down the old Marina Dodge.. which as a car lot isn't exciting, but as an old art deco piece of architecture was.

Matt and I drank lots of fluids. That doesn't sound right, but I don't think we consumed a lot of caffiene. We did meet up with our friends Matt B., Diane and Sean at Moonbeans. This is a pretty cool place, although they seemed to have run out of everything I wanted to order (Italian Soda, fruit smoothies, flavored iced teas..). It was that evening that I found out about a blog out of Rochester that has gotten nationwide attention.. in an in-direct way. I don't have the link, otherwise I would supply it. Blame Matt B *grins* There was also some bizarre appearance of bunnies around Rochester. If anyone knows more about this, please email me links/pictures/stories etc. Thanks.

The other part of that evening involved me reliving my coffee past and going to Java's (this blog's namesake). I sat and looked around at the paintings and people for a bit, listening to Tom Petty on the soundsystem.. trying to remember if Tom Petty was EVER played in there before. I don't think so.. at least not in my prescence (does that sound pretentious? I hope not).

Oh geez. I didn't mention going out with our friends Mike and Londa and the Summerville Grille, a little restaurant/bar, Friday night. That was nice too. Cheap but good drinks. If you're ever in the neighborhood.. I believe a tall Gin and Tonic only cost me $1.25. You can't beat that!

Sunday, we spent time with my Mom at Parkleigh where I bought these travel-like things of hair care. They also have them for bath, body, nails and whatnot. Nice pampering things that are easy to take on trips. After that we went to JoAnn Etc to pick out material for two new pillows for our apartment. My mom is such a fabulous sewer! I can't believe that half her talents haven't rubbed off on me. Oh well.

So the trip was awfully nice. I was happy to see my parents and few friends that were around. The only problem is that now I'm TIRED.

I must mention that I went to a little "talk" at the Center for Spirituality and Creativity here in Jamestown last night. WBFO's Jennifer Gold was the speaker and instigator of ideas so to say. We talked about Jamestown and what we could do as women and citizens to make it a nicer place and whatnot. A lot of onus was placed on me to get back on the air doing commentaries about how wonderful our area is or commentaries in general. Naturally, I balked a little at that. Not that it isn't a great idea since I already have the training and skill for it. It's more of all the stuff I'm doing I suppose. I barely have time for my S.O., not to mention writing commentaries and recording them for airspace. I think I will keep my opinions to this blog thank-you very much.

Time to get back at the grind!

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