Monday, July 23, 2001

Simply put.. it's hot.. too damn hot.

The weather forecast actually said it was going to be "sultry" tonight. That's not counting today. Which is supposed to get near 90-degrees. Figure in the humidity and that's one awful heat index. Naturally, today I spend most of the day outside tending to press conferences and sitting in the County Government tent for the County Fair. I pray I don't melt, although I could stand to lose a few *winks*

I need to be off to the first press event at the airport. I have an arm's length list of things to go over with my boss who has been gone seemingly forever. And a stop up to Mayville on the way to Dunkirk (I can't believe I forgot to make copies of the press release for the umpteenth press conference today!!) Gr. Ok, all is good.

Check ya' later

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