Tuesday, July 03, 2001

*shakes off depressing mood*

I took a short road trip this past Sunday with Matt. I was in a mood to get out of the house and told him I was taking off. He said "Where you going?" I replied "East."

We drove, listening to Beck's "Mutations" and stopped in Salamanca at an overlook in the Allegany State Park. Mist clouds were hovering around the hills. The weather had turned sharply colder that afternoon from the morning. I don't think it was even 70-degrees (had been in the high 80's the day before). We drove on to Olean in search of food. It's so sad to see how these cities in Western New York just seem to be closing down. We continued up a hill past some remote towns. Stopped at another overlook for a Kodak moment and drove on. We ended up eating at a Perkins in Bradford, Pennsylvania. The place is almost a literal ghost town minus the huge Super K-Mart and Food Barn. It made me feel lonely.

We drove back, listening to Counting Crows' "This Desert Life," and watching the sun begin to break out from behind autumn-like clouds. The sky was unbearably blue underneath. I felt like I was in a Sunday in the middle of September, already missing the hot days of summer. It doesn't look like it's going to warm up much this week. We joke that if you don't like the weather in WNY to wait 15 minutes and it'll change. Well, we're stuck right now in the same grey pattern that seemed to haunt us all winter long.

Matt laughed and said the only reason we took that road trip was to give me something to write about in this blog. *grins* Ok, so it was somewhat true, but at the same time.. I really needed to be out amongst the ever-flowing hills of Cattaraugus County. They're just so much bigger and greener there.

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