Sunday, July 08, 2001

How does time get away??

Last week turned into a unbelievably busy mess that looks to continue through the rest of this month. I'm still boggled by that. Fortunatly, a trip to Rochester is in the works for this coming weekend. I'm beginning to think I need a vacation with all this looking forward to weekends and whatnot!

Went to a nice party Friday night. Our friend Chuck had it at his parent's house (where he's staying until November). It was a bit cool outside, but comfortable. Probably the nicest thing was sitting on the patio/porch in the backyard. Drinking red wine. Eating shishkabobs, homemade salsa and hummus. Oh yeah, and Matt will tell you I was flirting with a guy from Toronto, but since he was talking to him just as much it kind of makes you wonder, eh? Kidding. It was terribly relaxing. So much so that I had to go home fairly early because I couldn't keep my eyes open. Unfortunatly, I missed being proclaimed a semi-celebrity by a semi-lucid partier. Never thought my two years doing radio news in the area would lead to this. *laughs* It's hard to go anywhere without seeing someone you know though.

But this trip to Rochester has me buzzing about. It's the weekend of the Cornhill Arts Festival. I've tried to make it there just about every summer since high school (I believe). I'm also hoping to see one of my friends from high school. We were in homeroom every year since 7th grade and before that we were partners in 5th grade science. It's funny the things that stick. But we recently re-found each other and have been chatting on-line and emailing. Isn't it funny that 7 or 8 years ago I wouldn't have even thought of the Internet as a way to re-connect with old friends. Hm.

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