Thursday, July 26, 2001

"And you're just so busy.. busybusy.. busybusy... ewwww.. oohhh.."

I'm on this song-quoting/reminicing kick lately. I sat this evening and started going through my entire Morrissey collection, not including The Smiths years. There's something fun about singing along with "The Moz" when no one else is around. He's sorta funny with all his "yodeling" that he does. Well, some people would call it moans of pain.. or something *grins* Plus, the memories I have now are more recent and not of high school.

I'm addicted to blogs. I now have *counts on fingers* at least 5 blogs I check daily (some more than once). I'll have to list all of them to the left soon so you can share the obsession.

My S.O. is bugging me to finish this entry so he can check his email and log onto one of his RPG. He won't say that out loud but I know that's what he's going to do! I thought having two phone lines in the house would help, but we really need both phone lines and a cable modem. Too bad Roadrunner hasn't been introduced by Time Warner in this area yet. Blar. Until later...

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