Saturday, June 30, 2001

I have some things I need to should do and would like to do this weekend. Let's make a list? Shall we?

1. Take back the ever growing piles of beer/twisted tea/dna/lime tonic/pepsi cans/bottles to the store for refund. It's nice and magical to get 5-cents back even though you get charged that when you buy the beverages. We just try to ignore that so we feel like we're being given money!

2. Read the two library books that are due back on Tuesday. Damn those new book 7 day limits! One is a mystery invovling an Egyptologist (and no, not my favourite Amelia Peabody mysteries either!)

I interrupt this list to happily announce that I FINALLY found some My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult to download! Hoorah! "A Daisy Chain for Satan" is rippling through my speakers right now.

3. Maybe get some laundry done. Now, that's a real pie in the sky dream for this weekend!

4. Go see the "largest fireworks display in Western NY this summer" in Sheridan. However, impending thunderstorms make that very unlikely *listens to rumblings*

5. Exercise. Again, unlikely.

6. Hang out with our friend Chuck who is back in town to manage my boss' campaign.

Well... seems like the only definate thing that will happen is going over to our friend Ashleigh's house around 4. Eating couscous tabbouleh that I made (and it's good!). Who knows what else.

By the way, feel free to email me with any comments or thoughts.

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