Friday, June 29, 2001

I feel like I've landed in a strange paradise.

I had lunch today at the public park here in the village of Mayville. An idyllic scene floated in front of me. Kids fishing off the boat landing. The weeping willow dripping trendles of leaves just above the water's surface. And the horizon shimmering in the summer's haze across the lake. I wondered how I found this place. Then I realized that I found it by looking for a job on the Internet, sending a resume, getting the job and moving here two years ago. I never thought I could really love living in Chautauqua County.

I must admit I feel a little bit traitorous. I'll sing the praises of Rochester, NY to anyone in shouting distance. I miss that place. Undoubtedly the coffeehouse this blog is inspired by. But that is part of my past and the present is here in this bosom-y country. Ahem, that is a reference to Dar Williams' vision of Iowa.. which is also a song by her.

After I ate, I walked along the green shoreline. They still haven't put the Chautauqua Belle, an historic paddleboat I think, into the lake. Engine problems or something of the sort. I made my way down past the park gazebo and looked at the beach. It's small and quite crowded today due to the mugginess and heat. I thought it would still be a nice place to come swimming if I felt inclined. Walking back towards my car, I saw a yellow with black spots butterfly. It was quite large when compared to other butterflies I have seen. Quite marvelous! I didn't feel like I was within myself. Do you ever feel like you're viewing yourself on a screen? That's how I feel today.

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