Friday, February 07, 2014

The Love Tour Comes To Jamestown

Jim Brickman is bringing "The Love Tour" to Jamestown tonight at the Reg Lenna Civic Center.

I honestly hadn't heard of this Cleveland-native until people started talking about his tour coming to town. Turns out that SE-93 carries his syndicated show on Saturday mornings. The morning thing on a weekend could be why I've been in the dark. Anyway, to promo tonight's show Jim is on the air live with Morning Show Host Lee John until 9am.

I mention this because you might want to tune into 93.3 around 8am to listen when some special guests join him on air (cough cough the Mayor ahem ahem Matt). I don't see a way to listen to them online so this is aimed at the local folks.

Also, Matt and I will be slinging drinks tonight at the Reg, so say hello if you're at the show!

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