Thursday, January 07, 2010

Sun Conspiracy

Actual online conversation between me and my friend, Sabrina:

Me: well, my calendars prolly won't be delivered today I'd bet seeing as UPS had them at 2:34am this morning in Rutherford, NJ LOL

Sabrina: :(
Sabrina: I wonder if UPS took the sun to NJ, too.

Me: No, I think the sun skipped town and country. I think we need to go to Central America

Sabrina: nah...too humid. And too many bugs

Me: most likely answer is that the sun was captured by a drug cartel

Sabrina: ew, bugs
Sabrina: The Republicans have it and are getting ready to blame Obama.

Me: no, no.. the Republicans arranged for a drug cartel to capture it but are going to make it look like Obama's fault because it's a cartel that the USA may have tried to work with to capture bigger cartels in the 1980s

Sabrina: The sun is being obscured by greenhouse gases.

Me: that's too realistic.. I thought we were going for fantastical here
Me: lol

Sabrina: those aren't clouds, it's rust belt smog.

Me: nah.. not enough manufacturing to make that happen anymore

Sabrina: republicans doing one thing and blaming democrats for it isn't realistic?

Me: well, that's why I amended it


skb said...

It's things like this that keep the work day from becoming too our weather.

Mr. Nighttime said...

Personally, I thought it was the Chinese seeding the clouds over here, but that's just me.

Julia said...

Chinese seeding clouds? Too realistic (winks)

Anonymous said...

LOVE it! The drug cartel took it and is going to blame it on Obama! Priceless!! AFTER they've maximized it's profitability. Yo.

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