Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Web Comic Love

Over the last year and more, I started reading a sizable handful of web comics regularly. I've always enjoyed comic strips in the newspaper, but found that some of my favorite strips had become stale or were in re-run mode. My friend, Sabrina, started sharing links with a couple comics she followed online and it snowballed from there.

I think part of the appeal of web comics is the ability for the artists to broach topics you wouldn't normally see in the Sunday funny pages. Plus, I enjoy it when the artists do cross-over collaborations with other web comics. It gives the impression of a supportive, fun community. Then there's the style of the strips in terms of use of color, each artist's personal drawing style, and even how the strip has evolved over the years. A great example of how a strip has evolved is Questionable Content.

Here's the list minus one or two I'm sure I'm forgetting based on how often they update their site:

Questionable Content

Girls With Slingshots


Red String

Least I Could Do

Anders Loves Maria


Johnny Wander


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I have more comix linx I should send you...

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