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When I Caused 90s Night To Jump The Shark

Well, I may have to sign an oath or something before Nick lets me plug in a playlist for 90s night at Forte again due to one stunning choice last night. I knew it would cause pain. I knew it would bring into question my taste in music and my sense of decency. I acknowledged this to the room and simply said, "It's all how you phrase it. The song has a much different meaning then!" I'm not sure that helped me in any way.

90s Night Playlist - 10/1/09

Ben Folds Five - Army
Cypress Hill - Insane In The Membrane
The Cranberries - Ridiculous Thoughts
The Charlatans UK - Can't Get Out Of Bed
Bjork - Human Behavior
The Rentals - Friends of P
Seal - Crazy
Edwyn Collins - Girl Like You
Shania Twain - I Feel Like A Woman
Beck - Tropicalia
Bush - Machinehead
Erasure - Chorus

Dave Trusso sandwiched my set with more industrial minded songs and totally made my night when "Guilty" by Stabbing Westward came on. I have a very fuzzy copy of this song on tape somewhere and hadn't heard it in its digital glory in a very long time.


Anonymous said…
sidenote: guilty is actually by gravity kills :)

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