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10 Things To Do This Summer - Mid-Season Update

I realized I have accomplished a lot on my to-do list for this summer (original post). Here's the mid-July update:

1. Have a drink whilst sitting in a rocking chair, watching the sun set at the Hotel Lenhart in Bemus Point. (UPDATE: We've watched sunsets while drinking, just not from Hotel Lenhart)

2. Plant dahlias, an azalea bush, and maybe some begonias and geraniums in my garden

3. Dance at three of the four weddings we're invited to before Labor Day (the fourth is a Muslim celebration, no drinking or dancing).

4. Read 2 books. I set my standards low when the weather is nice. (I've actually read 3 books since May since I can't count Perfect Fifths by Megan McCafferty. I congratulate myself on coming up with the concept of a personal book club night at Labyrinth Press Company)

5. Enjoy limoncello over frozen lemon ice on my porch (UPDATE: I've enjoyed limoncello several nights at Forte)

6. Play skee ball at Midway Park (UPDATE: Probably won't accomplish unless we make a special trip)

7. Eat chicken souvlaki at the Yassou! Festival

8. Drink a super chilled beer outside in the middle of a blazing hot day somewhere I can people watch. (UPDATE: It's an El Nino summer. Plenty of beer has been consumed but the weather hasn't been exactly hot)

9. Take a day trip somewhere near water and just hang out watching the water lap against the shore for a few hours (We didn't have to go far for this thanks to Gary Peters Sr.'s 4th of July party)

10. Make caprese salad at home and eat it with fresh Italian bread slathered with butter while drinking lots of red wine and hanging out with friends. (Okay, so friends weren't involved in this one but we did do this while hanging out on our front porch one night for dinner)


Lynn said…
Would it be presumptious to invite Tiny and myself to skee-ball with you at Midway? And might I suggest some Pinball as well?! We could definitely be into that...

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