Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Protecting the Sweeties

Last night, I made the first six batches of peanut brittle. Per annual requirement, at least one batch refused to un-stick from the pan, resulting in me pounding away at it with a spatula while bits of hardened candy and cashews flew about me, getting in my hair, on my clothes, and on the floor where the dogs waited patiently to gobble up these sugary bits.

Knowing how much the dogs enjoy peanut brittle, Buddy in particular, I was extra cautious with where I placed the pans to cool. Our laundry is on the first floor off the kitchen and has bi-fold doors. It was rather handy to slide each cookie sheet of peanut brittle onto a cooling pad and close the doors. I did have concerns that the dogs would become smart in their quest to get more peanut brittle, so I devised an elaborate safety precaution that you will see pictured below:

In keeping with the holidays, it's gold ribbon usually used for present wrapping. It's worked so far. I plan to make at least 3 more batches of brittle tonight, divide them up for my family, wrap presents, and other assorted bits so I can sleep in on Christmas Eve.


Makkaio said...

Heh heh...you said "sugary bits"...heh heh.

Mr. Nighttime said...

Is it booby trapped too?

Lamont said...

I awarded you an "Honest Scrap" blogger meme...
You're it!

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